We have full stock of all the materials we produce, thanks to this we can offer fast solutions for the manufacture of prototypes and small series.

Repair and adaptation for new uses

If your company possesses containers or other kinds of packaging which, externally, are in perfect condition but internally need to be modified to adapt them for another project, do not hesitate to contact us. Rest assured that Inorpack will revise your proposal and solve any problems you may have about reusing your packaging. We carry out any type of alteration or maintenance to your packaging, from new identifications, to any change or alteration to its interior.

Permanent stock of all materials we use

We have all kinds of materials stocked at our installations, we also carry out all the services we offer. With this we manage to provide a fast and efficient service in each project, be it a small series or a pre-series. We have full stock of all the materials we produce, thanks to this we can offer fast solutions when making prototypes and small series.



We develop all kind of packaging. All processes of said development are done at our facilities, by doing so we assure the efficient evolution of our products. We have tools for die-cutting, cutting, printing, milling, soldering, gluing, sewing and designing.  There are no limits to the materials we use, we always stay up-to-date with all new technologies found on the market. We put development tools to the service of our clients.

Diseño e Innovación Inorpack

You can benefit from our experience in effective packaging solutions. We are always adapting to complex global changes and keeping ahead of the great multinationals.

Fast delivery

Benefit from every innovation we produce thanks to the automation and optimization of our processes.


If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals who stand ready to offer you the best support and any help you or your company may need.